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Launched in 2018, Medicinal Cannabis Europe is a patient-driven, multi-stakeholder association which aims to ensure patients' fair access to medicinal cannabis via the definition and establishment of an harmonised legislative framework  on medicinal cannabis at European level.

Medicinal Cannabis Europe

Medicinal cannabis has been an integral part of medicine for centuries. However, Western countries have come to prohibit or limit cannabis use. At present, while the medicinal applications of cannabis gain ground, their related regulatory framework remains fragmented across the Member States of the European Union (EU).


Consequently, all parties across the entire medicinal cannabis value chain experience regulatory hurdles, which jeopardise the access of patients to medicinal treatments as well as the development and the running of companies in the sector, throughout the EU.​

Medicinal Cannabis Europe advocates in favour of an EU harmonised regulatory framework on medicinal cannabis, which would ultimately enable patients’ fair access in a clear and well-regulated European market.

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